Fall In Love & Love Is All You Need

Earlier today I posted a quick tutorial explaining how I take/edit the photos of my layouts. You can check it out here if you missed it. This evening I am sharing 2 layouts; one using Dear Lizzy’s Serendipity collection and the other one made with the Maggie Holmes Open Book collection. I chose to share them at the same time because I am not sure how I feel about them so I figured I might as well post them in one blog post rather than by themselves.

Fall in love


So this layout I started on using the pink floral background paper as a whole. I made my whole layout on it untill I realized that I felt like having it for the whole thing was a bit too busy and I want to put a paper with it that wasn’t as busy. Luckily for me I still had the paper with all the words left so I thought it was perfect to mount it on. The photo was taken a few days before I sold my horse (November 2013). I wish that the shadow wasn’t on my face, but not a whole lot to do about it unfortunately. It’s fine though, sometimes the emotional value a photo has (aka the last photos that were taken while he was still mine and didn’t know if I would ever see him again) than it being an amazing photo in terms of lighting etc.  I think this layout turned out nice. Below are some close-ups;

serendipity13-closeup4 serendipity13-closeup3 serendipity13-closeup2 serendipity13-closeup


Love is All You Need


This is a layout I actually made a long time ago, back in October. This is the first layout I made with the Maggie Holmes Open Book collection, thought I recently went back to it and added a few extra things like the enamel dots (Serendipity Dear Lizzy), some vellum pieces, a few bits and pieces using various collections from Crate Paper that I won’t mention in the product list. I’m not sure what I think is easier for me; working with a completely new collection and having a ton of embellishments to choose from or working with scraps and leftovers and thus not having a whole lot of choice. Which do you prefer? I always feel like it takes me a few layouts to get into a collection, even though it may sounds weird haha. As you can see the gold arrow rub on in the right bottom corner didn’t come of the way I wanted to, but it was my first time using a rub on so I had no clue what I was doing. Not sure how I feel about rub ons, I wasn’t a huge fan of these Maggie Holmes ones but I loved the ones that came with Amy Tangerine’s Stitched collections. Enough rambling, i’m sure you are not here for that so let’s move on to the close-ups;

openbook10-closeup4 openbook10-closeup3 openbook10-closeup2 openbook10-closeup


How do you feel about posting layouts you don’t love? Do you still post them because you think others might still enjoy it or do you scrap the project all together because you don’t like it? Tough choice in my opinion, today I decided to post them regardless of how I feel about them but not sure what I will do next time. Thank you for visiting and have a good night!

– Claudia


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