Scrobby Haul: Crate Paper Craft Market & Maggie Holmes Confetti

Hello guys! Today I am really excited to share something new with you; a haul! I am super super excited about all these new products that I have just received and I thought it would be nice to show you what I got. 


All this stuff is for my birthday, which was in February, but we pre-ordered all these products so they didn’t ship it out untill they had all the products in stock. This week they got all the products except for the Maggie Holmes Confetti Word Thickers so I am going to get those at a later time. I bought all the stuff from a Netherlands based webshop called ‘Scrobby‘. I order all my scrapbook stuff from them because they usually get all the products in a line, their prices are great and you get free shipping if you order for a certain amount. If I have something shipped within the country, I get free shipping for orders above 30 euros which is easy for me to get to. So if you are in Europe and looking for scrap stuff, make sure to check them out here. The first collection I got was Maggie Holmes’ new line ‘Confetti’ – I wasn’t sure how I felt about a party themed collection but most of the elements you can use for everyday scrapbooking too.


Let me say one thing – I hate the giraffe lol. I like the animal but I don’t think I would ever use it on a layout. It is also quite big, just like the words that are in that vellum/acetate ephemera pack. Bigger than I expected so I’m not sure if that would even look good on a layout or not – I would have to play around with it. So the 48 paper pad is 24 different patterns and you get 2 of each one. I am not going to lie – after Open Book – I was hoping that maybe they would stick to having more patterns in the paper pads and get 2 of some and just 1 of others. Overall, there are some papers that I really don’t like that much but there are also elements that I do really like so I am curious to play around with all the stuff.

The 2nd collection I got, and the collection that I absolutely love and adore, is ‘Craft Market’ by Crate Paper. Ever since the reveal I have been drooling over this collection so I am super excited to finally have it in my hands. I got a lot of extra sheets of pattern paper because they are all so pretty. I am in love. That is all.


I honestly don’t think there is anything bad I can say about this collection… I honestly love it all. I never thought that I would love a Crate Paper collection more than a Maggie Holmes one (since her collections were always my favorite) but in my opinion; Craft Market knocks Confetti out of the park! I love the color scheme and all the embellishments. I think out of both collections I am probably most excited to start with this one!

Btw, these photos don’t really do the products justice. It was also kind of hard to photograph it but I tried. Maybe next time I should just do a haul video…

If you are interested in knowing which products I got exactly, I put a product list below. I apologize in advance because it is going to be a long one haha. 😉


Thank you so much for watching! It took me quite a while to put this product list together haha. I will be back with more layouts soon. Have a great day!

– Claudia


5 thoughts on “Scrobby Haul: Crate Paper Craft Market & Maggie Holmes Confetti

    1. Thanks! 😀 I adore all of it, already made 2 layouts (one with each collection) and really have to force myself to stay away from it because I don’t want to finish all of it in a week or 2. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Thank you so much Sam! 😀 I know I use pink often but I just love that color so much haha. These 2 Crate Paper collections are real beauties IRL so if you can I would definitely recommend getting some of it.
    xx Claudia


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