Gone But Never Forgotten + On The Go (Process Video)

Hello everyone! Today I am sharing 3(!) layouts with you. 2 Of them are ‘tribute’ layouts to my horse Sharon who passed away exactly 7 years ago today, in 2008. I still remember every single detail of that horrible day like it happened yesterday. 😦 I wanted to make a few layouts with some photos I had of her. I am also sharing a new process video today;

Here are some photos and closeups of the layout in the process video;

craftmarket14 craftmarket14-closeup craftmarket14-closeup2 craftmarket14-closeup3 craftmarket14-closeup4



This is the first layout I used those multi colored/patterned thickers on. I quite like the title and when I went through the sticker sheet with the tiny words and phrases and I saw that ‘because I love you’ sticker I felt like it was the perfect fit for how I feel. Even though it has been 7 years since she has passed away, I will forever remain thankful for the time she was mine and she truly was one of a kind.

craftmarket6-closeup craftmarket6-closeup2 craftmarket6-closeup3 craftmarket6-closeup4



With this layout I was really indecisive about how I wanted it to look so I tried a lot of different compositions and took photos of all of them to see which one I liked best. I must admit that I really like the color scheme of this layout and I hope you like it too. The ‘treasure every moment’ is really appropriate for a lot of situations but especially for me after losing her, I really do treasure all the amazing things I was able to do with her. 🙂

craftmarket7-closeup craftmarket7-closeup2 craftmarket7-closeup3 craftmarket7-closeup4


Thank you for checking out my ‘spam’ of horse layouts – there will definitely be more horse layouts in the future (actually the process video I just filmed is a horse layout too haha) but horses were such a big part of my life for 12 years and I really want to document some of those memories in my layouts. I hope you all have a wonderful day and I will be back after the weekend with more process videos and layouts. 🙂

– Claudia


2 thoughts on “Gone But Never Forgotten + On The Go (Process Video)

  1. ook al is het vandaag 7 jaar geleden het lijkt nog als gisteren en ik weet dat je haar nooit zal vergeten en laten we hopen dat er meer is en dat ze heerlijk een vrij en blij leven heeft xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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