Adorable Love / Maggie Holmes Shine

Hello everyone! Today I am sharing the second layout I made using the new Maggie Holmes Shine collection. I am loving this collection so much and don’t really want to put it away anymore haha…


My idea for this layout was to do a grid design using 2 square photos and have 2 squares that I would decorate with embellishments. The photos are of a ‘photoshoot’ my mom did of Mickey and me back in 2013 and I just thought the photos were cute so I wanted to scrap them. I was debating on whether to use white cardstock for my background or not, but I decided to use this paper with the scattered plus signs instead – it’s a nice background but it’s not too busy. I added a decent amount of splatters because I wanted to add a little bit more interest/color to the paper.


I knew I wanted to use some of the florals I had cut out of the floral paper that is in the collection because I’m a huge floral fan. I’m sure that is a huge surprise to you lol. There is not a lot of layering going on in this layout because I just wanted to keep it somewhat simple.


When I started decorating this square I knew I wanted to use that geometrical blue heart because I absolutely love that color. I put the acetate ‘Love’ from the ephemera on top of it and also added some gold glitter circles to add some more gold to the page (I can guarantee that all layouts I will make with this collection will have a lot of gold haha).


This is a closeup of the 2nd photo and I pretty much did the same thing to that square as I did to the other photo. I am really loving those gold glitter hearts. I used some of the branding strips to tuck in behind my photo to just add a little pop of color.


I knew I wanted to use that scribbled frame for this square because I love the way it looks and ‘Little Moments’ does kind of work with what the photos are about. I added that blue puffy ampersand to add some blue to that part of the layout. I wanted to make sure that all the squares had at least a little bit of that tone – whether it was an embellishments or just a strip of paper.

Process video:

Product list:


Thank you for stopping by today! I will be back with my next layout after the weekend – hope you will join me again then. Hope you will enjoy the rest of your day! 🙂test3


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