Sunkissed / Crate Paper Poolside

Hey everyone! Welcome back to my blog, today I am sharing the 2nd layout of the ‘Crate Paper Poolside marathon’ I’m doing this week. Like I mentioned in my post yesterday, this one has lots of pink in it…


After I finished yesterday’s layout I turned over the paper and saw this gorgeous pattern and felt really inspired to make another layout. I immediately thought that it would be nice to pull in lots of pink for this layout. The photo is just a selfie of me during summer and this was during a trip to the beach. I don’t know if any of you can relate but for some reason I can never find sunglasses that look good on me so I rarely wear them.


I wanted to use the other half of the doilie on this layout because I thought that it would look good layered behind my photo. Unfortunately this is my last doilie so it might be a while until the next time I use another one.


I chose to stick to this vertical embellishment placement, which is something that I’ve done before but a design that I just really like and should (and probably will) do more often. I love that chipboard frame from the chipboard sheet but I felt like it was too small to actually fit any of my photos so I just decided to use it as a layering piece instead.



Here is a closeup of the layering on the layout. I chose a few papers with pink in it but also a few neutral paper to mount my photo on. I pulled in a little bit of that gold striped vellum piece from the Maggie Holmes Open Book collection because I wanted to add some more gold and a different texture to my paper layers.

Process video:

Product list:

I’m actually really happy with how this layout turned out, looking at it makes me happy because it’s so ME haha. Tomorrow I will be back with another layout (which I have yet to do a voiceover for and my voice is pretty much non-existent as I am writing this blog post) and it will have more than 1 photo to switch things up a little bit. Thank you for stopping by today, hope to see you again tomorrow! 🙂



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