Hi everyone! Today I’m back with another layout for the Scrappery. I am still using the TSK Reuben and BPK Bethany kits which were the September kits. As I’m writing this I just filmed my Kill A Kit video for these kits and I am looking forward to sharing that with all of you soon…


For this layout I wanted to use 2 photos. Those of you who have been watching me for a while might know that I don’t use multiple photos that often (though I have been doing it more often recently). These are some photos of my cat Mickey and it was just a typical morning where he would come sit/lay on my lap and hang out with me. To me, this is something that happens so often that it’s so normal for me but I realized that I didn’t have any photos of him doing it and that this would be something that I would love to remember/document through scrapbooking.


Anyone who knows me, knows that I love Crate Paper’s ephemera pack. The Wonder ephemera pack has a ton of lovely elements and this camera is one of them. I felt as if I wanted to put something on the viewfinder and decided a gold glittered heart would be perfect for it. The title of my layout is ‘Love You’ after all, simple but sometimes you only need a few words to describe something. I love my cat so much and being away from him is probably one of the toughest things of living in a different country.


I wanted to use some blues in this collection as well so I decided to use this felt heart. At first I really thought I would never use them but I actually ended up really loving them. The only ones I struggled with are the yellow ones. I also added a gold arrow and a floral I had cut out from that floral paper in the TSK Reuben kit.


Process video:

Thank you so much for visiting, make sure to check out the Scrappery if you haven’t done that already. I will be back with a new layout soon, I hope you will have a great day. 🙂